About Us

Philips Hair Academy is an independent work-based learning provider based over two sites in Wakefield and Leeds, West Yorkshire. We have successfully offered apprenticeship training for nearly 2 decades and work with around 200 salons in the area. Year-on-year, over 90% of the young people who train with us, remain employed in the hairdressing field. Maybe this is because we established ourselves as one of the top hairdressing salons in the area prior to creating our academy. As part of the Philips Group, we have four hairdressing salons located within West Yorkshire in addition to our two academy sites. The first one was established in 1974 and so we are a company who have been successful for over 40 years; employing over 70 stylists and more than 20 educators.

Setting us apart from the crowd is not only our passion for hairdressing, but our passion to help young people become employed in the hairdressing industry. All our staff are meticulously recruited and chosen to provide an excellent service to ensure we deliver high quality training to young people to meet employer needs.

We are regularly inspected by HMI Ofsted, who speak at length to our learners and employers about what we do, in order that they come to an accurate decision about our performance. At out last 2 inspections, Ofsted have judged the quality of our provision as OUTSTANDING. We are very proud of this and work hard to maintain this reputation.

What makes us outstanding

Our Academy Principal is herself a hairdresser of high calibre, who has previously been involved in all aspects of hairdressing and training, including competitions and cat-walk shows as well as owning her own salon. She thrives on quality and continually strives for better training provision. Consequently, although she herself is very highly qualified and leads one of the best qualified teams in the country; she continues to encourage and plan for all staff to relentlessly study and improve their knowledge, so they can continue to provide cutting edge training. All our dedicated staff are enthusiastic and motivated by high quality.

The whole team are all up-to-the minute hairdressers; many own or have previously owned salons, so staff at Philips Hair Academy KNOW what is needed by employers, we KNOW how salons run and we have ALL been young people learning to be hairdressers, so we can understand it from all angles; therefore, we can provide excellent information, advice and guidance for apprentices and employers.

But the thing that stands out more than anything else to make us Outstanding, is that we are passionate about our industry and WE CARE! We care about people! We want the very best for the young people and for the employers. We care about the hairdressing industry and the sometimes less than perfect reputation it gets, when in reality, it is one of the most exciting, profitable careers that someone could choose, with loads of opportunities to suit even the most ambitious of people.

We pride ourselves on good communication and building good relations with employers; we feel that everyone gets a better service if we are working together.

The support we provide for both learners and employers is above and beyond requirements; we do our utmost to support learners with employability skills, so they are equipped with the skills to be employed for life and not just achieve a qualification.

We help and encourage each and every one to achieve their dreams and become a valued member of staff in any workplace.

We provide employers with legal updates by newsletter and are available to chat about any issues or problems they might have regarding employment, whether or not it relates to us. We try, where possible to tailor recruitment and match individuals to salon placements; this way, we feel there is more chance of a long-lasting success story, in which the employer is happy and the apprentice happily achieves their goals.

We have a myriad of successful apprentices, who we have helped to achieve their dreams; shown below are just a few of the things our apprentices have gone on to do:

  • We have people who work in many countries abroad
  • People who work in theatre and television sets
  • Someone who has presented on morning television in New Zealand
  • People who have gone on to own their own business
  • People who have gone on to be assessors
  • People who have gone on to teach hairdressing
  • People who have worked behind the scenes at London, Paris and New York Fashion weeks
  • People who have worked on cruise ships
  • People who have gone on to educate for different manufacturing firms, such as Wella and L’Oreal.
We continually keep abreast of issues around Safeguarding and generally chat to apprentices to heighten their awareness of keeping safe and becoming responsible citizens, who promote British values.