Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Philips Hair Academy

Setting us apart from the crowd is not only our passion for hairdressing, but our passion to help young people become employed in the hairdressing industry. All our staff are meticulously recruited and chosen to provide an excellent service to ensure we deliver high quality training to young people to meet employer needs.

Mandi Hartney

Academy Principal

Mandi is in charge of running the Academy and has loads of experience in every type of hairdressing, from owning and running her own salon to winning and judging competitions, doing fashion shoots and cat-walk shows. She just loves the hairdressing industry; she says “it’s vibrant, exciting and you can make of it whatever you want”. Although there is a very serious nature to her job, Mandi is a fun-loving creature and wants everyone’s experience at Philips Hair Academy to be enjoyable; she loves a joke and says, “there is nothing I like more than to hear the learners singing; then I know they are relaxed, happy and enjoying their time with us”.

Caroline Cryan

Quality Co-ordinator

Caroline carries out all the checks to make sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes and sorts out the recruitment administration. Although her job entails lots of computing and paperwork, she is a very practical person and loves mending things. She is sometimes referred to by our learners as the DIY lady.

Jackie Saxton

Tutor and Internal Quality Assurer

Jackie has been hairdressing and teaching for many years, so knows a great deal about all aspects of hairdressing. She loves fashion and is very individual in her presentation; she continues to keep abreast of fashion by working in our Wakefield salon at the weekends. She says “Being creative is not a hobby, it’s a way of life”

Julie Williams

Tutor and Internal Quality Assurer

Julie just loves hairdressing and has been teaching for many years, but also owns and runs her own salon alongside her teaching. She feels that learning continues throughout your career and never stops. She loves going to shows and workshops and feels like these days are luxuries.

Celia Peacock

Tutor and Reviewer/Assessor

Celia understands young people and has a real empathy with them; she has worked at various colleges, but her “home” is at Philips. She is kind, patient and nurturing and there is nothing she likes more than helping our learners make good progress and achieve their qualifications to set them up for life. She has a great fun side to her and enjoys being a real team player.

Lisa Turp

Welfare Officer, Internal Quality Assurer and Assessor/Reviewer

Lisa is the lively one; she loves running about to all the salons to do reviews and assessments; she runs about to each centre delivering safeguarding or to chat to one of our learners about a problem they might have and she runs about to support all our in-salon assessors. As if that’s not enough; in her spare time, she is in a running club and runs many marathons to help support different charities. Phew!

Emma Turton

Tutor and Recruitment Co-ordinator

Emma just likes people; she always sees the good in young people and after an interview always comes back and says “she/he is a lovely girl/boy”. She is the first face to face point of contact with all applicants and also new salons and works hard to find the right salon for applicants. She thinks hairdressing is hard work but FUN!

Angela King

Tutor and Reviewer/Assessor

Angela is a very passionate tutor, who has a great deal of experience in hairdressing and teaching; she owned her own salon for many years, but gave that up to help and support young people to become great hairdressers.

Leona Kear

Tutor and Reviewer/Assessor

Leona is an inspiring tutor and assessor, having worked for many years as a tutor; she keeps up with current trends as she also manages a busy salon in Leeds. Leona brings fun and happiness to our team with her colourful persona.

Hayley Shaw


Hayley is our youngest member of the team; she is an enthusiastic tutor who strives for high quality standards; she also manages a busy salon whilst looking after the apprentices’ training. Although she is the youngest of our team, she is the serious one who brings balance to our crazy team.

Elinor Carriss-Wright

Project Manager

Elinor loves leading new projects that we always have on the go and is full of energy when working on something new. Even though she mainly works in the background, she herself is a fully qualified hairdresser and has worked in salons, managed a salon and worked with awarding bodies all her working life, so she fits in perfectly. She is very much a people person and enjoys a bit of fun and banter.

Phil Dickinson

Functional Skills Tutor

Phil is an inspiration when it comes to Maths and English and he is full of patience when helping our young people to understand the Maths and English skills they need in the workplace.