Scissor Sisters – Keri and Katie Gibson

Keri and Katie are both hairdressing apprentices and are loving it!

Keri attended our very first Saturday Club and started her hairdressing apprenticeship after leaving school in 2015. She works in one of the Philips salons and has completed her intermediate hairdressing apprenticeship and has just started a barbering apprenticeship.

She is a happy person and a happy hairdresser. We know how much Keri loves hairdressing because every day in the salon she writes little quotes on the noticeboard about how great it is to be a hairdresser and how happy hairdressers are. She is a true inspiration to her team and some of the team take pictures of her quotes and use them to make them happy when feeling down. Keri says she loves meeting different people every day; she loves the social side of the job, talking to people, rather than sat behind a desk.

Her favourite part of hairdressing is blow-drying because she thinks it finishes the style and helps people to look their best. Keri wants to build her column, but eventually, she wants to go into teaching hairdressing. She feels the most important thing is to be welcoming and to be a good listener.

The following year after Keri started her apprenticeship, we had another recruit who looked familiar; it was Keri’s sister Katie. Katie was always interested in hairdressing so when she saw her sister doing hair all the time, she just wanted to do it too, and after talking with her sister, she couldn’t wait to make it a family matter.

Katie just chats and laughs all the time; she loves training and feels that she learns something new every day. Katie loves working in the salon. She feels that she gets loads of opportunities and is encouraged to have a go, but gets help when she needs it.

Katie is half way through her apprenticeship and believes that you need lots of skills to be a good hairdresser; she says you need to be caring, friendly and patient. So far, she loves colouring, she is doing roots and mixing colour, but can’t wait to do more and become creative with colour.

Katie says doing the hairdressing apprenticeship is the best thing she has ever done; she feels she is a natural and has an eye for how the hair should fall. Her dreams are to build up a good clientele and eventually manage a salon.